Pricing for WhatsApp Business: What you should know for 2022

Pricing for WhatsApp Business

Do you need help with the pricing? Do you think that purchasing WhatsApp business would set you back by a lot? Clearly, it won’t. Here are the details of the pricing model WhatsApp business rolled out in 2022. Discover how convex can help you make the most out of your investment.

Central to connecting people globally, WhatsApp has now laid the foundation of a new business-to-customer interaction era. The demands of Gen-Z and millennials must be met by their online shopping standards and not by what brand aims to set.

“If you see too many abandoned buckets or disowned baskets, know that, someone is doing something wrong, somewhere.”

Brands need to realize that netizens are inspired by convenience more than prices. Therefore, an easy-shopping experience will attract more customers for you than low prices. However, understanding how the new price changes will affect your business might help you make better decisions.

WhatsApp business came into existence in 2018 and has connected hundreds of thousands of companies to millions of customers, since then. Customers, upfront, want to shop from a place that sells goods online methodically.

New-age consumers don’t have the time to hassle or bicker over petty issues while shopping, but they might point your business out for a glitchy interface or hard-to-follow buying instructions.

Speculations that customers won’t buy online or that social media is not a good place to acquire consumers were put to rest when WhatsApp Business tapped on the available opportunities, and results spoke louder than critics.

Now, when WhatsApp business price is changing, brands need to be aware of the transition.

WhatsApp Business pricing – Ways to converse

WhatsApp Business pricing depends upon the type of conversation initiated; Therefore, it’s important to understand.

  • Messages (Free Form)
  • Notification (template based)


The free form messages mean when a customer initiates a conversation with the business.


When a business reaches out to a consumer.

WhatsApp used to charge businesses for conversations they initiated with customers, but customer-initiated messages were free until recently when WhatsApp decided otherwise. Let’s look at the conversation based model that WhatsApp will now use.

What does a WhatsApp Business account mean?

WhatsApp Business account means that if you have a business, you can enlist it on WhatsApp, create an account by the business’s name and then use that same account to reach out consumers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp business unlocks a world of possibilities for your brand, and you can make the most of it by using the WhatsApp business API. As for WhatsApp Business API pricing… the whole article is dedicated to it.

Explaining WhatsApp’s conversation-based pricing

The difference between WhatsApp’s price then and now is that WhatsApp charged businesses per message before. However, they will be now charged per conversation. Moreover, there will be a difference between customer-initiated and business-initiated conversations.

The Catch: Important thing to notice here is that any messages exchanged in the 24-hour window or a single conversation will be charged once, but the cost depends on the receiver’s country code.

Once a conversation is paid for, there is a 24-hour window for the consumer and the business to exchange messages. This also keeps a tab on the company and persuades the brand to reply promptly because as soon as a new conversation starts, it will be charged separately.

Pricing For whatsapp

Enjoy Free points of entry and free conversations

WhatsApp hasn’t just changed its pricing model; it is introducing new brackets and opening new doors for businesses on WhatsApp to connect and expand with other Meta applications.

If a customer clicks on an Insta or Facebook advertisement that lands them on WhatsApp chat, the business will not be charged for that conversation. Similarly, for new WhatsApp Business accounts, the first 1000 conversations wouldn’t be charged each month.

Whatsapp Pricing

How much will the WhatsApp business cost?

WhatsApp business was originally meant for small businesses or brands operating on a small scale. Yes, it is free and allows small business owners to connect with their potential clients over WhatsApp. So, there will be no WhatsApp business cost. You can download it, install it, and use it. It’s free.

How does the new pricing model affect your business?

More or less, the way you do business might not be affected by the pricing model change by WhatsApp because of the compensation that the platform offers in terms of how you interact with the consumer.

For example, if you are paying for one conversation, you can enjoy unlimited messages in the same conversation. Now, you don’t need to pay for the whole conversation compared to the previous pricing model, where you would have paid for every single message.

Moreover, contemplating on the free entry points and free conversations that one is entitled to with a WhatsApp account, one might think that this new pricing change is beneficial for the businesses.

Businesses get to reach new clients and keep the old ones without excessively worrying about paying the platform. This means a meaningful customer journey where customers can have complete information about the products they aim to buy.

An informed customer is a better consumer because they know where to go and what to do, and these are the same consumers who end up buying the product.

Everything can be easily done via WhatsApp Business, from promotional messages to customer highlights and from personal notifications to sharing new deals.

The cost of WhatsApp business API, if you are a large corporation, might seem hefty to you, but isn’t very important in front of the benefits that come with it.

Take home message

  • WhatsApp business pricing model changed on February 1, 2022.
  • According to the new model, WhatsApp doesn’t charge the user for the same per message template. Instead, businesses are charged per conversation, i.e., A 24 hours session with the customer.
  • Facebook and Instagram are the freeway entry points which means that any conversation that starts after a prospect lands on WhatsApp via these two platforms will be free.
  • A business will enjoy the first 1000 conversations for free each month.
  • Businesses will be charged differently for conversations initiated by customers as compared to conversations started by the business itself.
  • The country code of the consumer will also affect the prices.

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