Whatsapp Business for Companies: Everything You Must Know for Growth

WhatsApp Business for Companies

Inexplicably-brilliant conversation application now offers an ingenious method for businesses to grow and enjoy expansion, all from one place.

Ever wondered what the word online business means? How does an online business function, or how can companies having an online presence grow and drive more sales?

The concept of Ecommerce, with its inception, took the World by storm and gained great acceptance from all business sectors in no time. In a New York minute, it multiplied and became the new norm.

“Transition is difficult, but it is necessary,

and here at Convex, we live by it.”

The world functions on the concept of ‘demanded by humans’. No matter what anyone believes and preaches, inventions today and tomorrow will always be driven by human needs. Even the utterly incidental ones.

Talking of inventions, let’s take a look at WhatsApp Business for Companies, what it is and what’s all the hype about. But before moving forward, you must first understand what WhatsApp Business is.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a branching program of WhatsApp, known for its huge user base and connecting power. WhatsApp Business offers an unprecedented promotion opportunity for people with medium and large businesses.

Rooting out from its user base is a promise by WhatsApp Business to help your brand connect with millions of potential consumers and to extend the convenience of doing business.

WhatsApp Business for Companies

WhatsApp Business for companies is your answer to the ‘pursuit of customers’ because it offers help to uplift your business and engage consumers all from a single interface. This is an application that abridges the tech industry and communication sector.

WhatsApp business catapults your brand amazingly by opening up a whole new way of customer acquisition. However, the structural changes within the application, particularly for the process, are less prominent than the benefits and that’s why you should join the bandwagon while you can.

Even in the marketing sector, because it is what it is, you have to keep the survival of the fittest in your mind. The natural selection process favors those who adapt with time, and your presence on WhatsApp Business is going to help you stay ahead of the competition.

We’d now be discussing application features to help you better understand

WhatsApp Business Important Features

  •         The power of quick replies

When you want to reply appropriately and quickly, the quick replies option by WhatsApp will come in handy as it enables you to answer common consumer queries just by pressing the / button.

  •         Welcoming away messages

Many businesses don’t function 24 x 7, but customers can find the need to connect with any such company at ungodly hours too. So what to do at such times? Should the query remain unanswered, you might be looking at a loss of potential sales.

To counter this problem, WhatsApp business offers away messages. This means you can set a customized message that will be sent to the consumer who’s connecting with your business outside business hours.

The message can include any text, image, menu, and opening lines. Often, queries that come in at such hours are related to working hours’ inquiry, about the location, or nature of business. All of these questions can be easily answered by the away message set by you.

You will not be losing a potential consumer, and consumers won’t have to wait for a whole good half-day before you get back to them.

  •         Business profile creation

One of the most important features of WhatsApp Business is profile creation. Just as your private number is linked with the messaging application, you can connect your business number with the WhatsApp Business account.

Further details like business hours, location, live location, menu, work done, and many other things can be showcased to the consumer through the business profile.

Your business profile can be regarded as the face of your shop, and we advise you to keep it relevant, precise, and welcoming.

  •         Contact labeling

Amazingly, you can also label your chats with respect to the category you are dealing with. For example, you can assign contacts under the header of ‘new customers’, ‘pending payments’, and so on.

This would help you sort and organize your business’s this and that. Therefore, ensure that you assign the right contacts under the correct group.

For the next time, you won’t have to find and remember what business you had with whom.

  •         Creating catalogs and showcasing collection

With WhatsApp business for companies, it’s all about showcasing what you have and what you sell. There are a lot of companies that have products in their inventory when the customer asks for a particular one. Still because their collection doesn’t show the product, the purchase is never completed.

Catalogs at WhatsApp Business API are a great way to communicate your business intention and language with the clients. Make catalogs for specific categories and let the customer hover over the menu and decide what to buy and when.

Customize the catalogs and subsequent menus by giving attention to each product. Doing so will ensure the creation of a great sale-purchase funnel.

How can convex help you?

Convex can help you identify your business requirements, plan management, advise appropriate measures, and execute those applications that will make your brand look good and business greater.

Find your new support team and system with WhatsApp Business for companies by Convex. If you still have any queries, you can let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you out.