WhatsApp Ecommerce: Effective ways to drive sales and growth

The remodeled version of WhatsApp has reshaped the way things happen online. The branching WhatsApp Business API offers a brilliant way for brands to grow and drive sales online.

Mostly labeled as a personal communication application, WhatsApp has reintroduced itself to the World with the advent of WhatsApp business API. Because Facebook now owns the messaging giant, it also controls the way things happen and develop at WhatsApp.

All for the better, users on WhatsApp can now connect not only with each other but with businesses too. Businesses need to be where their customers are, and WhatsApp offers exactly the same opportunity.

The most popular online property ever, WhatsApp now offers market space to brands and businesses looking to leverage the digital room for business promotion and expansion.

Considering the fact that over 2 billion people around the World regularly connect on WhatsApp, any brand or business can use the power of this connectivity to boost engagement and improve sales.

Though haltingly, Facebook still went forward with their decision to acquire WhatsApp and has been since making changes to the idea behind just a personal communication application.

Knowing it has to be done and knowing how to do it are two different things. So, worry not if you don’t know anything about it. Here’s how to start:

  • Acquire WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has grown into such an entity that no business wants to stay away from this inescapable opportunity that can help them rebrand, remarket, and improve the overall brand value just like that!

While some might call this opportunity redundant (those who think that WhatsApp is just for chatting with cousins), most business holders understand that they now have to have a presence on WhatsApp.

To put it in a better manner, marketing and selling on WhatsApp are now indispensable tools for good business growth and better revenue generation.

WhatsApp ecommerce Business API is the door through which you’d be able to access the World of sale-purchase on WhatsApp.

From offering you a multi-agent inbox, shared portal, key performance and metrics tracking, to offering integration abilities, and more, WhatsApp business API is an amazing tool.

Download and install the application and consult a business solution provider like Convex to get things started for you.

  • Your eCommerce page needs a WhatsApp chat button

While known and used by billions around the globe, the WhatsApp marketplace is relatively new; rightly so, as many of your consumers would be shopping on your website.

To make the most of this opportunity, you can direct your website visitors to WhatsApp by installing a WhatsApp chat button on the page.

You can choose what happens next as the user clicks on that button. The button can be set to redirect users to the WhatsApp web portal or land them on the WhatsApp application.

A better idea is to let them find you on the application on their phones, adding to their convenience and helping you see the sales through.

  • Abandoned carts recovery is now possible via WhatsApp

One of the most stinging sights is to see a customer start buying a product and then leave the cart abandoned. This might seem unnoticeable when the number is small, but day in and day out, this statistic grows. So much so that around 7 out of 10 carts can be abandoned.

You can recover abandoned carts either through a WhatsApp plugin for Ecommerce connecting your Shopify account or by just sending reminders and notifications for abandoned carts.

However, this is only possible via WhatsApp ecommerce Business API. Other than that, there’s no way to make it happen.

If you can ensure that the abandoned carts ratio plummets, we can guarantee that your sales will increase.

  • Your Facebook business page needs a WhatsApp button

Facebook has been around before WhatsApp and is essentially the pioneer for Ecommerce, so you don’t want to miss out on a lot of incoming business by not linking your WhatsApp to your Facebook page.

Moreover, there’s no unnecessary hassle in integrating WhatsApp with Facebook. Creating and attaching a button isn’t the only way to cater to your Facebook audience on WhatsApp. You can also use a performance marketing tool to direct your Facebook ads to land on WhatsApp chat directly.

Mostly, ECommerce businesses target age groups that are neither very young nor too old, making WhatsApp the perfect match for channeling your efforts.

  • A virtual assistant is good for your business

WhatsApp Ecommerce isn’t just an ordinary promotion bandwagon but one of the most advanced ways for a business to interact with its customers. Automating your customer service messages will open new opportunities for your business.

Convex can integrate the WhatsApp chatbot with WhatsApp Business API to ensure that incoming messages from your customers are greeted right away.

Such a resource is specifically helpful when there are no agents on the board to receive customer calls or answer queries. A customized WhatsApp chatbot can tackle simple questions and even forward the complex ones to agents, if any are present, or schedule a callback.

From customized emojis to images, all can be included, easily push-rolling your WhatsApp automation process.

Now that you know what needs to be done, the question is how to do it. Here’s where Convex steps in. Convex can provide excellent pre and post-integration support for your ECommerce business, helping it acquire new customers, grow, and drive more sales.

So, this is all about WhatsApp eCommerce. If you still have any queries, you can ask us right away or drop a comment below. We’d be more than happy to help you out.