How Accurate Is SEMrush Data and How Often Is Its Database Updated?

How Accurate Is SEMrush Data and How Often Is Its Database Updated

SEMrush is an online digital marketing tool that assists various organizations in creating, executing, and managing digital marketing strategies such as SEO campaigns. 

Using SEMrush, you can identify modern digital marketing trends within your industry niche. This will allow you to better understand your website or webpage and optimize it for higher visibility, traffic, clicks, sales, and revenue. 

In addition, this tool is crucial for identifying valuable keywords for your marketing campaigns. You’ll learn which keywords are being targetted by your competitors for higher SERPs ranking, giving you a good insight into how you can stack up to the competition. 

Even though SEMrush is trusted by thousands of top-notch digital marketing service providers and is included in almost all digital marketing courses, there has been a never-ending debate regarding the accuracy of its data and database update frequency. 

But before we continue, let’s briefly examine the comparison between SEMrush and SEO companies. 

SEMrush vs. SEO Agency

SEMrush has countless reliable, straightforward, and beneficial features to boost your business’s success. However, you may wonder if it is better to use SEMrush or just hire a professional SEO agency

If you have time and patience to learn about SEO and digital marketing services, then one of the paid SEMrush plans is a great option. But, unfortunately, you will have to spend more time on your campaign than on other projects. 

An SEO company is an excellent option for businesses that don’t have the time to run SEO campaigns. An SEO company will have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to plan, execute, and manage successful campaigns for your business growth. 

How Often Is SEMrush Database Updated?

SEMrush updates its database every Tuesday at 10:00 PM. The tools get updated data by crawling search engine result pages from Google and other search engines. 

But why should you care about SEMrush updates, and how reliable is the data? It’s simple – if you are looking at a competitor’s brand name’s results, then it makes sense that new results will show up. 

While SEMrush has a good reputation for getting accurate data, many digital marketers have pointed out that their data isn’t correct. 

Our team at Convex Interactive dug up to see how accurate the SEMrush database is, and the results were surprising. Have a look at them below. 

Is SEMrush Accurate?

After analyzing more than 50 different websites and spending $250,000 on Google Ads every month, we found SEMrush,Ahrefs, Spyfu, and iSpionage reporting 5-10% or less of the actual results. 

Niche: Plumbing  

Plumber services in New York with a verified monthly Ad spend of $9,000. However, SEMrush is showing this domain is spending $0 on Google Ads and is bidding on 0 keywords. 

Niche: Logo Design 

Logo design services targeting the USA region with a verified Ad spending of $10,000. SEMrush is showing domain is spending $0 on Google Ads and is bidding on 0 keywords.

So, does SEMrush data is accurate? – The answer is “No.”