10 In-Demand IT Skills to Boost Your Resume

10 In-Demand IT Skills to Boost Your Resume

Whether you are starting out as a new employee or are looking for opportunities to revamp your resume as a seasoned professional, these in-demand IT skills can boost your productivity and accentuate your functionality in this modern-day competitive world.

Kindness is a word relatively unknown to the contemporary job market and you’ll soon run out of luck if you are looking to just get by in the IT world with some basic skills because with each passing day, the field is becoming more future prone and hence the need for skill upgrade.

Like any other field, here are some relatively new but promising skills that can help you find the right status in the corporate haystack that has been nothing but a labyrinth to you.

Artificial Intelligence

If there’s something that has become synonymous with the word technology itself, it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) because it is now bringing about every next major change that the world sees and applauds.

We are not going to debate about the accuracy and speed of AI’s functionality and compare it with the humans because who wants that but we are going to tell you that AI has made facial recognition, speech to text, and classification of images, identification of errors, etc. really possible.

Machine learning can be safely classified as a gateway through which the machine learns to perform like a human, so if you are ready to revolutionize the world then try adding natural language processing, Python, Java, and TensorFlow to your resume.

Cyber Security

What goes beyond the comprehension of laymen like us and does more than just able you to breathe freely online is cyber security. This particular field has now multiple applications in different capacities and all of which are super important.

If you have a security certification along with the recommended IT skills, chances are that you’d go up the ladder quickly rather than lingering on the same position for years. You need to hone your skills in Network Security, programming languages, Information Security, and network fundamentals to earn the badge of a cyber-security specialist.

Project Management

In today’s modern work environment, effective project management plays a vital role in ensuring the successful completion of tasks and projects. An essential tool for project managers in this regard is performance management software. This software enables project managers to monitor and assess the performance of team members, track the progress of projects, and make informed decisions to ensure projects stay on course.

Performance management software serves as a centralized platform where project managers can establish goals, assign tasks, and monitor individual performance. It facilitates the identification of areas for improvement, provides feedback and guidance, and ensures alignment with project objectives. By offering real-time data analysis and reporting, this software enables data-driven decision-making and timely interventions when necessary.

By incorporating performance management software into their project management practices, teams can enhance communication, collaboration, and accountability among their members. It improves overall productivity and project outcomes by providing a comprehensive overview of project performance.

Software Development

From designing applications to installing systems and from testing projects to solving glitches, software developers are doing it all. This particular field is basically the back bone of whatever much digital world is producing nowadays and with time there are going to be further welcome-disruptions coming specifically from software developers.

iOS and Android developer skills are indispensable to making your resume relatable, to make your resume more better than you can also take ideas from the resume maker tools, as there are various free and paid resume maker tool available online.

Cloud Computing

Never to be underestimated again, Cloud computing has suddenly become more relevant than ever thanks to the unprecedented chaos that pandemic spread. Crippled-up economies and nonfunctioning businesses had nowhere to go other than to shift their infrastructure, only to never go back.

So this is your chance to shine by getting versed in Microsoft Azure, Java, Linux, DevOps, and so on.

AR and VR

Thinking about disrupting reality, well Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are then just the right fields for you but before you jump right in you should know that AR deals with changing the non-fiction reality that we experience via interface changes in app/web whereas VR is the technology through which via headsets a completely new reality can be experienced.

So as far as the IT skills are concerned you need video game engine knowledge, programming languages, and of course a bachelors in computer science.

Data Science

Nothing can beat the sexiness that intelligence brings but often numbers don’t come up as too attractive to the common folk however with the launch of Data science and its branches such as analytics and handling, every other business now relies on it.

Because everyone now needs to make informed decisions, it puts people with knowledge of Data science in the middle of the loop and hence the amazing scalability.

Business Intelligence Analysis

Have a thing for figures and love to keep yourself inundated with data that drives? If yes, then you are surely a right fit for the business intelligence unit. A business intelligence analyst (BI analyst) deals with breaking down key data, interpretation of data, and sharing of findings so that each process can be streamlined and improved.

You need to have a strong grip on Coding languages, Database tools, Tableau and Power BI, and other communication skills.

Digital Marketing

The field of Digital marketing has expanded rapidly over the last decade and it isn’t like that the boon is over but it’s only changing faces so if you have a knack for uplifting businesses then now’s the time to get into the world of digital marketing. From understanding the Instagram algorithm, to developing SEO agency strategies, to monitoring your social media campaigns, to executing social media ads, you need a team to get behind all these tasks.

You’ll need to have basic knowledge about SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Automation, and so on.

UI/UX Design

Both elements crucial to the development and design process of web and applications actually have a pivotal role in modern-day job hunting because now everyone wants an asset that knows his/her way around the design and development.

You can learn how to become a visual designer, user experience designer, a product designer by learning Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision App, RedPen, and more. This can really make your resume shine for now and in the years to come.

So this is all about 10 in-demand IT skills. If you still have any questions, you can ask us right away. We’ll be happy to answer you.