Convex Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Partners with The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola and Convex Interactive

Convex Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Partners with The Coca-Cola Company: Revolutionizing Reach and Sales with Missed Call Advertisement Platform

Established in 2012 to deliver lasting digital impressions, Convex Interactive Pvt. Ltd. has always been committed to converting its customers’ dreams into reality across five verticals – Mobile Advertising, Digital, Technology, Products, and OTT / Mobile TV.

Recently, the Coca-Cola Company, a beverage industry giant, partnered with the award-winning digital solution provider to improve its reach and sales under the Coca-Cola Mega Consumer Promotion


Develop an interactive missed-call consumer promotion for Coca‑Cola to amplify the brand’s reach and audience, ultimately leading to increased sales.


The “Win Big with Coca-Cola!” consumer promotion allows their consumers to enter into a lucky draw and get a chance to win 1800cc car every week. Additionally, consumers can receive a complimentary 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola, Sprite, or Fanta by presenting a bottle cap with the unique code at a nearby store.


Developed by Convex Interactive Pvt. Ltd, the Missed Called Advertisement Platform, is a customized eco-system for the brand to reach its target audience by using profiling filters such as name, age, and location to engage more customers, collect data, and boost sales.

How to participate in the “Win Big with the Coca-Cola Company!” Consumer Promotion

The Coca‑Cola Mega Promo applies to Coca‑Cola 1.5 ltr, Sprite 1.5 ltr, Fanta 1.5 ltr, Sprite 500ml, and Fanta 500ml. This promotion runs from August to September and includes packs featuring a yellow cap with the phrase “open to win” on them. 

Here’s how you can participate in the Coca-Cola Mega Consumer Promotion: 

  • Step 1: Purchase a promo pack with a yellow cap. 
  • Step 2: Look for the code under the bottle cap. 
  • Step 3: If you find the code, give a missed call at 0345-2653999. (You will receive a callback in 60 seconds.)
  • Step 4: Upon receiving a callback, you will only be asked to record your name, phone number, and age, along with the code found under the closure, for admission to the lucky draw.

The winners’ names will also be announced on the organizers’ Facebook and Instagram pages. 

For more information, visit Coca‑Cola Mega Promo Terms and Conditions.

With Convex Intereactive’s Missed Called Advertisement Platform, businesses of any scale can seamlessly execute all-inclusive targeted mobile advertising campaigns to potential mobile phone users of all ages. 

This approach assists in transforming them into devoted customers, aided by in-depth customer insights, support, and analytics reporting to facilitate ongoing enhancements.

Furthermore, the targeted mobile advertisement solution will enable the Coca-Cola Company to create an impactful, engaging, and effective customer journey to increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and increase customer loyalty.

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