Mjunoon.tv bags the P@SHA ICT Awards 2020-21 in Consumer – Media & Entertainment Category, Again!

P@SHA Awards

After becoming the proud recipient of the P@SHA ICT Awards in Consumer – Media & Entertainment Category, mjunoon.tv vows to accelerate its efforts to power a better entertainment world.

Convex Interactive has always drawn nothing but stellar reviews for its outstanding performance in the Technology, Digital, Mobility, and OTT sectors in the past few years. mjunoon.tv is yet another branch of their globally growing network of Digital Product Development services and was made for Pakistan by Pakistanis.

Here’s what the CEO of mjunoon.tv, Mr. Aamir Irfan had to say about his brainchild, “The technological sinkholes in the Pakistani entertainment industry needed immediate attention, and this is where Convex leaped to create a bridging OTT solution like mjunoon.tv. Fortunately, we had the resources and expertise to create one of a kind OTT platform, which we did! As a part of our vision execution, the team at Convex is set to amplify usability and address content demands. mjunoon.tv partly owes this success to our ability to bring out the best in each other and our products, and majorly to the audience that chose us as their number one streaming partner. Hence, such encouragements help us in putting more elbow grease to create experiences that answer the entertainment call of users on all scales.”

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The streaming views on mjunoon.tv for PSL5 hit a total of 12 million and, for PSL6, that number capped at a staggering 21 million. This sharp increase indicates and proves the popularity and growing acceptance of our platform.

“We are hitting the pedal on original content production, and I believe soon you will see more of the native content that resonates with the local and global audience. We believe people have been waiting for it and with our proven experience in other verticals such as telecom, digital, and technology inspired us to make it happen for the entertainment sector too. We are also expanding our library exponentially by listening to the audience and offering them what they want and when they want it. I think this should be the role of a leading OTT provider like us,” says Shazya Aamir, Director Convex Interactive.

In addition to our entertainment offerings, you can access a lot of TV channels’ content and also enjoy live streaming in high definition for many of your favorite national and international dramas, soaps, sports, news, movies, and cartoons using catch up, rewind, record features on your Web, Mobile, and SMART TV Apps, all for free! Whether you’re interested in entertainment or sports, including various types of triathlons, we’ve got something for everyone.

“We are delighted to get the P@SHA ICT Awards as it affirms mjunoon.tv’s strength, and the capability and performance of our team. We have served millions of users in the last few years and have worked extensively on the desired needs of our market segments by providing best-in-class features, for instance, seamless UX/UI and onboarding, rewind, record, and catch-up TV for local TV Affinity Audience. We are quite optimistic that increased video consumption and faster internet speeds in the coming years will ensure exponential growth of the local OTT market and create diverse opportunities for our platform,” says Zulfiqar Ahmed Jillani, Product Head of mjunoon.tv.

Moreover, Convex Interactive is currently powering OTT platforms for telecom operators, i.e. Jazz TV for Jazz and Zong TV for Zong! So, being the leading OTT provider in the region, it is no surprise that Convex Interactive’s OTT platform mjunoon.tv has been awarded the P@SHA ICT Awards after winning the Silver Award in Huawei Developer Competition in 2020.

This achievement for mjunoon.tv depicts the revolution that the platform has created in the OTT and video streaming space for Pakistan, and we surely hope that we get to see a lot more of this in the coming future.