AI & Chatbots: Customer engagement redefined


Multifaceted incorporation of artificial intelligence into the very by-products of customer help has given customer engagement a new direction. Easier approach, timely solutions, and on point record keeping is making customer service better.

AI powered Chatbots are now widely evident throughout the world of internet and one of the reasons, more prominent than others, is that it helps keeping the customers feel like there’s always someone to help them out. Without intermittent intervention of a human, these Chatbots serve their purpose quite truthfully and are the next big thing in customer engagement and support verticals.

The insane power to record customer issues and respond in a New York minute is fascinating, as it burrows the customary rumor that AI is not beneficial for humanity, further into the superstitions corner.

With each passing day, developers are trying to make life easier for themselves and for people sitting beside them as the business process outsourcing companies grow and businesses are in need of more prompt customer service methods. The growth of E-commerce largely defines the scale at which customer support is required and AI Chatbots are helping the businesses to keep it steady.

Statistics predict that with the help of AI, humanity may be able to pump up productivity up to 40% or more into the working cycle by 2035. Things are changing and it’s important for you to jump the AI bandwagon as machine learning sizzles up new and cheaper methods to increase your customer support teams’ efficiency. Embracing technological advancements is important as it bolsters customer’s confidence in the business that latest tech and security patches are being used which in turn helps you promote your product and serve customers effectively.

So what type of Chatbot should you be looking for? Does your business need one? Questions like these are aptly answered at Convex interactive because we are revolutionizing the automation sector for a better customer engagement experience. Discuss endless possibilities with our experts and help yourselves to enhance customer support.

What is a Chatbot?

For those of you who are not familiar with the terminologies, a bot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for answering common customer queries is known as a customer service Chatbot. Questions like what are your prices? Or do you offer post sales services? Or how many products do you have? Are quite basic and are easily answered by such Chatbots.

An intelligent solution

These Chatbots are intelligent enough to crawl your website FAQ’s or other sections for the relevant details and utilize base knowledge present in the form of articles to answer customer queries and help them out. Additionally these bots can comprehend and identify multiple types and forms of a single question because of which they can promptly respond. Furthermore, your preferred tone and voice can be set as the instant answer according to your specifications.

Support from your very own

With Convex’s Chatbot service, you can take control of your customer service with instant answers that are relevant and AI can make predictions even before the customer stops typing. That helps Chatbot answer question proactively which in turn means better customer support and a cut down in conventional questions that have to be answered over and over.

If you have a business that spans globally, a growing customer pool, an increased demand of your services/products, or if you aim to target international markets then you should definitely consider availing these top-of-the line services on top of the fact that Chatbots help answer customers 24 x7.

Not a replacement

No matter how advanced AI gets, it won’t ever replace the genuineness of a human and same is evident with Chatbots cutting down repetitive answers that ensures smooth workflow all over. Your customer service agents are the backbone of your business and Chatbots are there to help them reduce the redundancy and increase the efficiency, thereby offering your team the sustenance that it requires.

An answer to customer queries but not a replacement for customer service agents

Therefore human agents should remain in charge and they will be in charge of handling complex conversations such as where a big purchase is being made and if the customer is frustrated or demanding something else. So there you have your benefits and frankly, nowadays your digital marketing strategy is null and void without incorporation of Chatbot services.

AI has periodically and statistically redefined customer engagement and expanded the very customer service that we need to keep our businesses up and running. If you think that you do need Chatbot services then have a chat with us right away, we’ll answer your queries as soon as possible.