Twitter Launches 360-Degree Live Videos Using Periscope

In the past few months we have seen Facebook launching new features, now Twitter will be officially competing them with it’s launched of their very own 360-degree videos, which they have done using the Periscope platform. Right now this option is in the testing phase and is only available for few  high-profile users, but soon it will be available for the general mass.
You can view the videos on PC by a click-and-drag gesture from the mouse, or on your phone by rotating your phone or swiping the display. The first ever 360-degree streaming on Twitter was done by one of it’s user Alex Pettitt, who made a stream of the sunset in Florida.
These videos will appear on your Twitter feed or Periscope app with a badge saying LIVE 360 badge, and can be viewed with while they’re live. Right now only selected users can make these videos, but Twitter says that the rest of the people can join the waiting list to be notified when the feature goes live.
How the videos will be made or what the entire experience would be like? All this is pretty straight-forward and similar to the live videos we have been seeing on Facebook.
What differentiates it from Facebook is that you can’t make it as easily as you make it on Facebook, because for using this feature on Twitter you need to have the Insta360 Nano, as it is the only compatible accessory for this feature. So users who are interested in using this feature will ahem to spend a good amount of money, $199 to be specific. This accessory clips to the back of your phone, it has two 210-degree cameras and can shoot a 3K video per second.
With the live-streaming feature catching fire, it was not unpredictable to see Twitter catching up with the trend. But if they need to keep up the trend, then they must keep releasing new features as the competition is pretty hard.