Trending in 2017: Digital marketing

According to the recent research it shows that 90 percent usage of mobile is for and more than half the searches are done through mobile, this has made the mobile user experience an area to focus on. That is why now we are getting to see a lot of brands investing their money in this, especially with the speed. This the reason why  recently launched Accelerated Mobile Pages and now is also expanding it’s Instant Articles feature, both of which will expand their reach this year in 2017. This will also change the way of social media engagement through mobiles as more and more brands are trying to figure out way of how they can get more engagement on devices.

Before what brands believed was that, the more the content the better it is, but now after we see millions of content pieces and social media posts going out every day it won’t be wrong to say that the opposite is true. In 2017 you are not going to see long posts with too much content instead you’ll get to see  brands setting a new trend by giving more attention to high-value content, which is attractive, eye catching and more personalised.  Also with the instant growth in voice searches it is believed that many of our digital activities are now going to be conversation based.
Automation and machine learning have also started to play a large role in advertising, and that is why this year we’ll see even smaller brands making their place in programmatic advertising. With platforms like Double Click for and Power Editor for Facebook, many elements will get automated. has also introduced responsive display advertising which will let the brands run their ads of multiple sizes without a design team. is also heard to soon launch a feature which will let an automated showcase of products  below videos, where the machine learning will identify the product instead of the brand having to manually tag which videos will showcase their products.
Recently it was reported by that Hindi content was growing faster than English content and in 2017 we’ll see that growing more and more. With Netflix, Amazon Prime and others offering video content in multiple languages, in the coming times we will definitely be seeing written and visual content flourishing in regional languages. has also introduced an auto-translate feature for all it’s Brand Pages, but the project is at it’s initial stage right now and will grow more in the future.
The main key of building the brand is to create awareness about it and what better way is there than videos? Now with the help of free and low-cost tools it was never that easy to create videos like this before. According to Facebook’s statistics, users watch an average of 100 million hours of video every day, most of which are viewed on mobile devices. And with Live feature, Facebook has made it more easy now as this tool is a great way to engage people for entertainment, fashion and hospitality industries.
Although even after all of this attribution still remains a grey area, especially for online/offline facilities. With several initiatives made and many in the pipeline, still most retailers, restaurants, and offline stores find it hard to attribute walk-ins and business results to the digital medium. and Maps are getting more and more advanced day by day in their proximity data to percieve if users are at a defined location and encourage them to review the location. is also in initial stages of testing of beacons which will allow for better attribution but thee is time in that, minimum 1.5 to 2 years.
Since always brands have found it hard to stay active on multiple social media platforms, with this happening it is heard that Twitter has been in talks of selling out, even the growth of has not increased in a while. In coming times we will see brands only focussing on selected platforms, like two or three and not more than that.
A lot of hype has also been done and seen regarding the virtual reality devices, they give a phenomena experience but its not going to become mainstream anytime soon. Their prices are also gradually falling down, but it will still take a lot of years for it to be adapted by the general mass.

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