Snapchat Is Ready To Jump Into Augmented Reality

After Instagram added stories to the app, many thought that it’s going to be a lot similar to Snapchat now, but Snapchat won’t let Instagram steal it’s mojo like this. The company has come up with a new idea and is now all ready to integrate augmented reality into it’s app.
With the constant progress in technology VR and AR are both marking their place, but which one o you think will really prevail in the future? If you have your trust on Apple’s CEO Tim Cook , then you should put your bet on AR. According to Tim Cook, augmented reality will have it’s significant place in the future of digital technology. He said that people in the coming times will prefer augmented reality over virtual reality, as AR keeps them in balance with the real world instead of taking them completely to an alternate reality.

Snapchat is probably going to be the first social media app who will actually deliver good AR to it’s users.According to the reports the company is working on upgrading the version of their Lenses that will help them achieve augmented reality. Previous month few lenses were launched by Snapchat which focused more on the environment rather than on selfies unlike most of it’s previous lenses, reports say that this could be the first step for Snapchat towards augmented reality.

The new Lenses are already under testing, according to the sources the new lenses are able to communicate with real-world objects, and  can identify environmental elements, which will allow them to overlay digital effects on top of Snaps, there is a possibility that this might even link them to external websites.
More reports also say that once Snapchat is done testing it’s new lenses it would plan to make money out of it by monetising them. Some big brands like Pepsi have already showed their interest. This would not come as a surprise because augmented reality is a pretty cool thing, and once Snapchat has achieved it they would use it as key for it’s evolution.