Ramadan and Creative Productivity

Ramadan is upon us. It is the month of blessings and self-reflection where we abstain ourselves from mundane needs to understand their true value and be thankful to the Almighty.
But what if you work in a creative digital agency whose job is to make its clients more profitable and visible especially during Ramadan? This means that you can say good bye self-reflection and make sure that your client’s stock is empty by the beginning of Eid.
It’s difficult to work in the marketing industry during Ramadan when you are fasting. Call it caffeine withdrawal, low blood sugar, Karachi’s insidious heat waves etc. there are dozens of other variables that ensure you get your self-reflection right buy whopping your butt.
Whatever your reasons are for dragging yourself to work during Ramadan; here is how we do it at Convex to make sure we get the most out of our team and make our clients happy without our staff members trying to stab each other.
Isolate Coffee Drinkers:
There are and will always be two teams. Team Coffee and Team Chai. Players in Team Coffee work harder, faster and rarely get tired because of the excess caffeine they get from Coffee. But that is also their downfall. The absence of caffeine in their system while they are fasting trigger caffeine withdrawal making players of team Coffee dull, lethargic and in most cases homicidal. This is where Team Chai players come in. They can still function efficiently during Ramadan since tea’s caffeine content is less and much mild than that of coffee.
Solution: Share the workload of Team Coffee Players with Team Chai Players to avoid any bloodshed during Ramadan.
Pro Tip: Don’t even go near team coffee players and forget about trying to engage them in conversation as the results can be catastrophic……for you.
Brainstorm together:
Low blood sugar, lack of caffeine, heat is known to dull a creative person’s senses and limit their perception and there is no shame in admitting that. But Ramadan is exactly that time of the year when all the brands hosted by your agency wants to do more business. It’s okay if unique ideas are difficult to come by.
Solution: Sit together with your team no matter what the matter is. Share your creative burden with your team and make suggestions when they need it. Something unique will come up and no one will be mentally or creatively taxed at the end of the activity.
Be Considerate:
Being productive does not mean getting your to do list all checked up. Productivity also implies that you make the most of your team members without pushing them to their limits. The spirit of Ramadan dictates that you understand the limitations of your colleagues too which means; consult them if you are promising your client an impressive deadline.
Limit social media:
Average time spent on Facebook of a user increases during Ramadan. Your client must be really happy with this but that’s something that you should not practice. Social Media when not being used productively is essentially a distraction and its distraction that one should avoid while fasting. Try giving digital fasting a chance.
Besides that, keep a few things in mind if you are in the creative industry:

  • Work in groups. Individuals tend to doze or slow down while they are fasting. They presence of the group or team will keep them          stimulated.
  • Avoid gossiping. Yeah it’s fun but it’s against the spirit of fasting and will cause your throat to be parched unnecessarily.
  • There is a reason work hours are short during Ramadan. Make the most of them and leave for home on time. Working late is not a sign of efficiency but poor time management or lack of resources.

There you have it folks. Ramadan in truth is not a month of food, Jeeto Pakistan or sale at Khaadi or Bonanza. It’s a month that teaches us about who we really are and in doing so brings us closer to the Almighty.
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