OTT restructured: Why Content consumption increased in 2020?

OTT restructured
OTT restructured

From the valleys of technology, a new giant emerges that has allured the audience into sitting all day in front of their TV screens and devour content unlike ever seen before…

Yes, we are talking about OTT and not the newly imposed restrictions due to COVID-19, although some part of it is equally responsible in pushing the OTT to new heights. Since this year began, it has been a rollercoaster ride for countries around the globe and we are definitely not talking about it in a happy way. The World Health Organization (WHO) characterized the novel coronavirus as a pandemic in March 2020, which frankly could have been done earlier given the rapid rate of spread and contagious nature of SARS COV2.

The growing influence

One cannot fully comprehend the influence that streaming platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime video, HBO max, Disney + had over people’s lives all around the globe. Believe us; we aren’t even exaggerating because mentally exhausted and physically home-stuck population had nowhere to turn to for entertainment except these content providing platforms. These platforms had already made headlines even before the pandemic because owning Netflix was mandatory and certainly not pretentious.

Revisiting favorites

Frankly, this is a year of unprecedented chaos, economic turmoil, crashing figures, and great movies too, guess you didn’t see that part coming but how can we have missed out on the single most important coping mechanism that helped people live through this treacherous year? An audience that was waiting on good shows and thriller movies was fed new content by these streaming platforms during the pandemic and even if it wasn’t for the new content, people would have revisited their beloved old shows.

New Classics

Netflix, the top streaming platform records a market of more than $217 billion approximately and has given a good run to the people of tinseltown. From releasing blockbusters for star struck audience such as The Irishman, Mank, and other masterpieces to focusing on making the classics available for everyone around the year, Netflix is now eyeing potential markets where it can slowly but surely set a concrete step forward.

Trends can change

However, this is not the no-man’s land where the only seller can capture all the population’s attention because if there is one thing that is solid about this generation, its change. The biggest examples, upon which we can contemplate for such purposes, are easily found in the telecommunications industry where the world saw Nokia bite the dust as technology changed and the mobility vertical sprung rapidly.

The reason

In fact, the very existence and persisting success of the OTT is because of the millennial mindset which could be roughly called as “short attention span” and to keep this generation within your grasp, you have to continuously do something new and exceedingly amazing. This is what OTT has offered and that is why people crazily consumed content.

That and COVID-19 which confined us to our homes and stopped us from visiting our friends and family because of the government restrictions of staying apart from each other. While we are on the topic, make sure that you are washing your hands for 20 seconds with bar soap and water multiple times in day.

A push from pandemic

It’s essential to understand that because we were deprived of our natural coping mechanisms we had to find something that resonated with our need for entertainment and that was exactly what OTT provided. From comedy shows to new romantic flicks and from superhero dramas to crime thrillers everything was there and frankly, after all this, what was left for the public to do other than just getting bogged down in their sofas and binge watch the content they like?

Understandable synergy

Just as managed mobility services helped businesses run smoothly throughout the pandemic, OTT platforms also helped the people stay sane and safe. Doesn’t seem much like a comparison but with 2020 as ground zero for COVID, anything is possible.

With shows like breaking bad and friends streaming 24 x 7 on Netflix and some subcontinent local’s like Mirzapur on Amazon, it has been a bright year for OTT platforms all around the world. Seems like there is a lot more to offer as 2020 comes to an end and light at the end of tunnel aka Vaccines have start to roll out.

Let’s see what will the mobility and technology verticals pull out of hat next year that made pandemic somewhat bearable. We hope that you would now know what drove the content devouring in 2020. Still if you have any questions, buzz us up right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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