Google I/O 2017: Smart and Subtle is the name of the game

Google just concluded it’s I/O 2017 keynote and some interesting announcements were made. It appears that Google is taking the route of becoming an organization whose services and products offer real world functionality rather than plain old gimmicks.
So what did Google I/O 2017 tell us?
Google began the event by showing off it’s strength and declaring that 2 billion Android devices are being monthly activated, which is a huge number to make Apple Fanboys hyper ventilate. And hyperventilate they will because Google announced porting the seriously nifty Google Assistant to iOS which means no more lonely conversations with SIRI
Apple fanboy: Hey SIRI, guess what I just installed…..Google Assistant
SIRI: I will make the battery of your phone explode in 3…2…1…..
The other announcements included Google Home getting much more smarter. It’s an attractive piece of tech that may offer utility to tech-savy household with blazing fast internet connections which makes it a very niche tech at least in Pakistan. Imagine asking Google Home to play something from your Spotify’s playlist and getting a call from PTA: Maam’ Spotify is banned in Pakistan and very soon you will be too.
But there are two things from the Google I/O that we are really excited about. Google Lens and the new smart Gmail app.
Starting off with Google Lens; this is app is sent by God for people looking for perfect shots, as it focuses on the subject and removes unwanted items from the picture to deliver the perfect picture  Not only that, it helps you recognize objects if you are completely autistic or tells you reviews about a product or a place when you point the camera at it (why?)
However, the smart Gmail App was the best thing that came out of this year. Already available on smartphone apps as a standalone update, the new Gmail uses smart machine learning to suggest automated responses that can save you a ton of time when you have to draft an email just to acknowledge a client of your boss. From productivity wise; that’s one serious nifty feature.
What were your favorite moments from this year’s Google I/O?