Facebook Updates WhatsApp Business API to Facilitate Improved Customer Connection

WhatsApp Business API

Limited messaging options are often a hindrance to connectivity especially when modern day businesses depend on interactivity solutions of tomorrow.

Brands have been forever looking for improved connection with their customers via a medium through which their brand message gets delivered promptly and relevantly. WhatsApp has emerged as one of the major alternatives to traditional businesses and marketing places where you can get in touch with your customer any minute of the day you want to but even brilliant applications have limitations when it comes to connectivity. However, there is always ground for improvement and this realization, when worked upon, leads to new pathways with better solutions.

The use of technology to provide people with better solutions each day making their lives easier in one way or another is the primary focus of social platforms but with brands now maintaining their business presence online, these applications are trying hard to improve the customer experience. As a part of their continued efforts to improve user experience and increase connectivity, Facebook has recently updated its WhatsApp business API by incorporating new message options.

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A broader Set of Applications

Sending out only timely notifications was a cause of limitations for the way businesses responded to customers as it was an obstacle in fulfilling the promise of 24 x 7 availability; something that completely opposed the very notion of round the clock connectivity.

With WhatsApp api now being updated, businesses will be able to tap into more messaging options indispensable to increasing their connectivity; such as letting people know that a certain product is now available, something a customer requested has now been fixed, and even answering to simple queries more promptly.

Pandemic had also driven this change when health authorities needed to convey timely reminders and updates about the situations, guidelines, awareness, and notifications they wanted to share. This inspired the application to make changes resulting in usage of the service by a broader group of people.

Not so strict spam policy?

Facebook has been known for a strict no spam policy previously for brands, which if uncontrolled, is a source of not only disruptive behavior but also unnecessary probing, something that they are willing to juggle up a bit – this might directly and indirectly affect WhatsApp. On the other hand WhatsApp business is deemed to see more growth and connection opportunities, realizing the true potential of brand awareness through this change.

Quick response features

With new messaging features in the picture, businesses can utilize this opportunity to reply their customers with pre-set messages on WhatsApp that they can choose from 3 options at the expense of just one tap, all with a WhatsApp business API account. Facebook already has these options available on its messenger and with WhatsApp now offering the same this could really improve brand awareness and interactivity.

Lesser approval time

WhatsApp with its business account is one of the best ways to communicate with your clients and start your online journey in an unconventional way but it took some time to get yourself registered as a business account previously. To overcome this lag, WhatsApp is now minimizing the time it would take someone to open a business account, thereby again adding to the business progress and convenience for customers and brands alike.

Apply this process now onto the scale at which WhatsApp is currently being used, and you could fathom that millions if not billions of people could benefit from this minor advantageous tweak.

Role of WhatsApp as an online business platform is easily increasing, and providing effortless engagement to brands and consumers can simply accentuate their efforts. The timeline might see some hurdles because it all depends on how the users interact with businesses and among themselves, and that’s how the applications define their next steps.

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