Facebook Live can now be broadcast from computers

For all those people who want to go live on Facebook, this is good news for them.

Recently while talking about the line of thirsty moves to expand live video output, Facebook came up with new information on the Updates for Publishers today, where they informed that they have made tweaks in the service’s central functions and talked about few challenges which publishers have been facing in order to get their content up and running online.

The big change you’ll see now is that from now onwards Facebook Pages will have the permission to go live through web browser,  and as stated by Facebook comments to Mashable, regular profiles will soon follow. Now users everywhere around the world will be able to broadcast live anywhere, anytime, from any device, all what they’ll need is a working internet connection and a camera. Before this there were few requirements for going live,  for general mass was they had to have a phone with a Facebook app and for publishers they had to have specialized streaming camera rigs. Now with this upgrade all what everyone including the publishers need is a camera, either it’s from your your phone, laptop or desktop.
In addition to this, Pages can also have separate designation of “Live Contributors,” this will help in creating anchor roles for multiple people in a company. Before this only the Page administrators could go live from their account, which was hassle in many ways for many companies.
The above mentioned updates came on the heels of the news of Facebook monetizing its video content and the much awaited statement about the launch of the Facebook Journalism Project, whose aim is to save journalism.
These updates will prove to be very helpful for publishers who are looking to create content through Facebook live, but not just the publishers even the normal Facebook users will have advantage from it as it will give them greater approach to their friends’ timelines. While some people believe that going live should only be accessible for publishers or to general public on certain occasions, many are happy about the update. We’ll surely besting many people using this tool and our timelines are soon going to be loaded with desk bound boring conversations, lectures and angry rants.
If you feel you need to distant yourself from all this then there is a simple way of doing this, just goto Settings > Notifications > On Facebook > Live Videos > Off.
Source: http://mashable.com/2017/01/11/facebook-live-from-desktops/#Ci8IGEnzCaqI