After Apple and Google, Nokia is now coming up with it’s Siri.

Things are heating up in the world of digital assistants. Apple has Siri, Google has the Google Assistant, Samsung is rumored to be working on it’s virtual assistant called Bixby and now the sources tell that Nokia is all ready to debut it’s very own digital assistant, which will most likely be called Viki.
The news came out public in a trademark filing, where they talked about a software that could make you access information on the web with a single chat interface. As said by the filing, they are working on a software for creating a mobile and web digital assistant which will work smartly combining all data sources and giving them out to you with chat and voice based interaction.
Now that we are seeing Nokia once again working on the manufacturing of smart phones, it will be quite interesting to see what their digital assistance software turns to to be like, once its handed out to consumers. There is also a possibility that Nokia sells it’s assistant to other companies as well for their Android smartphones. After seeing Huawei using Amazon’s Alexa in their Mate 9 smartphone, we might be witnessing Nokia do the same thing.
As of now the majority of people use Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, but with more digital assistance softwares coming in we are predicting to see different different digital assistance landscape in a year’s time.